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Related post: Chhabra (Pers. Comm.) reports that A. aspera contains saponin which is a cardiac stimulant. The Benzene extract is arbortificient and a preparation of this plant with zinc metal is fungicidal. Two compounds Bentaine and Ecdystrone have been reported to be isolated from this plant. 5. FOLK MEDICINAL USES A. aspera leaves are taken and fire cured, then ground. The powder is then Nortriptyline 10mg applied on cuts made with a razor blade in cases of ankle sprains. It is used together with commercial salt. It is also a medicine for headache. Roots chewed and applied on cuts will stop bleeding. A decoction made from the roots is used as medicine for constipation in children and to cure stitch. The pounded root is steeped in hot water, and the extract drunk cold as a cure for venereal diseases. The ash of the burned leaves is applied on boils. The plant is also used as a charm against evil spirits (Kokwaro, 1976). An infusion of the root of A. aspera is an ametic, for pains in the chest not due to coughing. The steam from boiling the plant is inhaled and used as a hot bath for acute chills. The juice of the plant is reported to dissipate opacity of the cornea and to relieve toothache, dysentery and other bowel Order Nortriptyline Online complaints. The ash of the plant, from which a salt is prepared is used in the treatment of scabies, when mixed with honey the ash is used as a cough remedy (Watt and Breyer - Brandwijk, 1962). Chhabra (Pers. Comm.) reports that A. aspera is used for treating leprosy and kidney troubles. The decoction of A. aspera root is gargled as a remedy for toothache. The roots are chewed and applied on a recent snake bite. A decoction of the root is drunk as a remedy for malaria, heartburn, generalised pains and to cause vomiting as an antidote for poison. A decoction of root and leaves is drunk as anthelmintic. It is also used for preventing miscarriage in pregnant women. 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND MEDICINAL PRODUCTS Chhabra (Per. Comm.) reports that A. aspera contains saponin, benzene, bentaine and ecdystrone. Watt and Breyer Nortriptyline 10 Mg - Brandwijk (1962) observed that the fruit contains a large percentage of alkaline potash ash. It has also been observed that in India the seed yields 2 per cent of saponin, the sapogunin of which C H., mp 305 - 6 may be a 29 ^u steroid. A hydrocarbon was isolated from the fatty fraction. 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARATION A. aspera plant is uprooted, the root washed, cut into small pieces and either boiled in preparation of a decoction or dried and then boiled to form a decoction or pounded into powder and then put in water Nortriptyline Mg to form an infusion* The leaves are pounded and then put into water to form an infusion or boiled to form a decoction. The roots are cut Cheap Nortriptyline into small pieces, Nortriptyline 25 Mg dried and tied into small bundles and stored in a dry place. The leaves are not stored. This is because as they are Generic Nortriptyline dry they lose their effectiveness. An infusion, a decoction or poultice are the forms in which A. aspera is used. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING There has Nortriptyline 25 been no investigation into the economics of the medicinal values of A. aspera. However, local herbalists collect the roots and leaves which they process to form infusions, decoction or poultices which they sell for various remedies. It is anticipated that the isolation of the effective ingredients by the Traditional Medicine Research Unit (Muhimbili) and when ways of preserving these ingredients are found, Nortriptyline 25mg it will be possible to establish it in plantations and collect the raw material in large quantities on a commercial scale. 9. SILVICS The species regenerates naturally from coppice and seed. Germination of seed takes place at the onset of the rainy season on recently cultivated areas or cleared forests. The species grows in open areas, it does not tolerate shade. There have been no efforts to regenerate the species artificially. However, since the seed germinates well, there is a possibility of raising it and establishing seedlings in well-maintained plantations. 10. MAJOR DISEASES. None specified or known. 11. OTHER USES It is used as a charm against evil spirits and to ward off Buy Nortriptyline misfortune. It provides livestock forage especially during the dry season when grass is dry. It is a notorious weed in fields - a disadvantage to farmers, a feature that promises a ready aptitude Buy Nortriptyline Online for artificial establishment. 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Anon Atlas of the United Republic of Tanzania. Surveys (1976) Division. Min. of Lands. Dar es Salaam. Kokwaro, J.O. Medicinal Plants of East Africa. E.A. Literature (1976) Bureau. Nairobi. Morgan, E.T.W. East Africa: its peoples and resources. Oxford (1972) University Press. Nairobi. 312 P . Watt, J.M. and Breyer-Brandwijk, M.G. The medicinal and poisonous plants of (1962) Southern and Eastern Africa. E. & S. Livingstone Ltd. London 1455 p. PLATE I. Achyranthes aspera L. Plate 1. Achyranthes aspera L. branchlet bearing flowerbuds and flowers
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